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OHLA Education & Workforce initiatives are a collaborative effort bringing together lodging industry leaders, educators, and tourism partners in order to address evolving workforce issues, anticipating future needs, & adequately preparing the future of lodging professionals.

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Educator and Student Membership

Interested in membership with OHLA as an educator or a student? Please contact Cindy Sams at for information. A NEW  Membership program will be available for the 2022-2023 membership year!

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Labor & Staffing Resources

The Inaugural Future of Lodging Summit - 9/22/2022

The Future of Lodging Summit - Cincinnati 10/11/2023

Hiring Best Practices

How can you use labor differently?

Recruitment Tips & Best Practices

What are the obstacles keeping people from being employed?

What are non-hospitality companies doing to attract employees?

Which Non-Profit organizations work with OHLA to assist in training for hotel employees?

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Resources in Education

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