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Hotel & Lodging Industry Reopening Guidelines

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OHLA is the professional organization that is dedicated to providing representation, information and resources for the Ohio lodging industry, promoting Ohio’s travel economy and increasing membership value.

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OHLA is the key resource in reaching the Ohio Hospitality Industry. Allied Members receive many benefits through this exclusive membership program.

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Welcome to OHLA! We’re here to help. Learn how we can help each other build a stronger industry.

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Heartland is committed to helping you sustain your business in the months ahead and emerge even stronger. As a trusted partner to the Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association and its members, we can help you navigate these challenging times on multiple fronts:

  • Payment: Collect mobile and online payments, as well as subscription and recurring income to maximize cash flow.
  • Payroll: Keep up with changing payroll and HR activities by accessing tools, resources, expert guidance and live support.
  • Customer Engagement: Stay connected with customers to drive sales through gift cards and email marketing.
  • Capital: Quickly secure the funding needed to meet your immediate challenges and future business goals.

We’re in this together.

If there’s anything we can do to support you during this time, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.